Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet Doc

Meet Doc.... this is the newest member to the Crawford Family! He arrived about an hour ago and we are having a blast already. Cal, our 6 year old black lab loves him and Doc is following Cal's every move.
Our son Wyatt now has a best friend named Doc, like the movie Tomb Stone! Look for more pictures of our sweet family!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


You know the days when you wake up and don't feel well so your day is already starting off badly? That was today for me. I have had a stuffy nose for a week now and just feel yucky. But today was the worst I think.

It did not help that:

- I got to school and a student broke my computer.... the computer I was showing a video on that is connected to the projector..... It did not start working until 3rd...
- By the end of 2nd period I had sneezed 100 times and no longer could breath out my nose.
- On my way to lunch I was carrying my lunch and dropped my fruit cup, which busted all over the hallway floor.....right in front of twoVeteran's Visiting.
-By 5th period I had sneezed 100 more times.... and used half a box of tissue.
-At the end of the day I felt WAY worse than I did when I got to school, and had an emotional break down at 3:35 when Ash walked into my classroom.
-By 4:00 I was used to breathing out of my mouth, had a headache, and had sneezed A BILLION times.

Tonight, I am taking Tylenol PM and hitting the sack. AND... I know that I should not, but I have to resort back to using Nose Spray. (Sorry Dr. Bacak if you are reading this I won't be able to sleep tonight without it!)

Goodnight and tomorrow I hope to have somehow lost all this stuffiness, sneezing and feeling yucky!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you look like this when....

Wyatt had an Oreo for the first time the other night. This is how he ate it! I am not sure how this happened but it did and I took the time to get some pictures! I think my child is one of the messiest eaters I have ever seen! Oh well, he is precious anyway!


First of all, yes my baby is going to be one on November 18th! I cannot believe how fast the year has gone by. I love this new stag of life; all the talking and learning new things. But it is bittersweet, because I do not want my baby to get bigger. He is still a snuggler and a baby who is full of laughter and smiles! He has started a few new things though.
1. WALKING..... YES, last Monday night Andrew and I were playing on the floor with him. We had seen him take one step on Halloween night, two nights before this; and he had been walking along furniture and standing on his own in the middle of the room for a while. BUT nothing like this. He picked up his favorite ball and threw it across the room. All of the sudden he stood up and started walking. He literally walked across the entire living room without falling or anything. Andrew and I were in shock and so excited. I ran and got the video camera and proceeded to tape him for 20 minutes as he threw the ball across the room and would walk to get it. There is no turning back now! He is getting faster by the day.
2. Eating people food and rejecting baby food.
3. Pointing at everything.
4. Talking all the time and repeating words and sounds we say.
5. DANCING.... this child loves to dance and let me tell you, he can SHAKE IT!
6. Gives wonderful kisses.
7. Knows how to say "NO!"
8. Has learned to throw fits.... this is new! :)
9. Sits on the floor with cars and rolls them around saying VROOM VROOM. It must be a boy thing because we have never taught him this. He did it on his own!
10. IS ATTACHED to mommy and daddy!!! This is soo new to us. He has always been around so many people since he was born. We work with youth and are with them constantly at church. But in the last month he has become very attached and aware when mommy and daddy are leaving. He is not a screamer, and does not cry for long when we leave, but he makes the saddest face and clings. :( It is not easy! I know it is a phase, but it is not easy to leave him anywhere. He always has to be aware of where we are in a room. If not in the room, he is looking for us!

His birthday party is in two weekends and is going to be a big bash. All the family and friends who have loved on him so much the last year and invited! I will be posting pictures after the party! :)


This is my Little lion! He was so cute in his costume. There are not a tone of pictures with his "mane" on because he was not too fond of it. But the ones we got are very cute!
I loved the tail!

We had a very fun Halloween night. We decided to have family and a few close friends over for a cookout. My dad and Judy came, Amanda and Randy (Andrew's parents'), Jill, Ellie Jane and Chad, and Joanne and Landon. (Ellie Jane was a pumpkin and Landon was a character from Gabba Gabba!) Then some of our friends that are like family came as well. Trent, Ashley and Ryan! It was a night full of LOTS of food and laughter. Wyatt also took his first step that night and everyone was watching. I will never forget it!

The picture above was about 8:30. He was exhausted from all the food, friends, and pictures and so ready for bed! Wyatt had a good FIRST Halloween! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009


I love this show! I am totally addicted and have pulled Andrew in with me. I get so excited when Summer comes because I get to watch this show! I almost jumped through the roof when I found out they were doing a Fall season too. If you don't watch this, you should! It is so entertaining!!! I love, love to dance; so this show just makes me smile! All that to say........
Andrew and I are going to SYTYCD on Wednesday night! Aren't you jealous?! We are going with our best friends Nick and Rebecca who are just as into the show as we are. It is the TOP 12 dancers from this last Summer season. I cannot wait to see them. Our seats are so close! I feel like a little kid waiting for a surprise! Just one day away! I will let you know how it goes.... I KNOW IT WILL BE AMAZING! :) Pictures to come.

Thank Goodness it is GONE...

See this sweet face? Well he had the flu last week. I felt helpless. There were several days when Andrew and I would just hold him and that is all he wanted. They are not joking when they say it hits these little ones really hard. He could only play about 20 minutes and then he would want to take a break and cuddle. He would crawl over to wherever you were sitting, put his hands up to be picked up and curl into a little ball with his head on your chest. There was no patting, rocking or bottles... he would just fall right asleep! We knew he did not feel well after he did that several times. He is an active little guy, and that is just not normal! BUT, We took full advantage of the snuggle time!

So last Thursday I noticed that Wyatt was not himself. I left work early and took him to the doctor and found out that he had a double ear infection. We started him on antibiotics that night. Friday he was fine, no fever, just fussy because his ears hurt. Last Saturday morning he woke up with a fever. By lunch time he was throwing up. I was pretty worried since he did not do this before and we had just been to the doctor. He got worse on Sunday, so Monday morning we were right back in the doctor's office and still running 102. The test came back positive and they put him on tami-flu. The next two days were not too bad. Still high fever and lots of cuddling. But on the 3rd day, the effects of the medicine he was taking started to take toll. His poor little bottom was covered in a rash and he would cry every time he was changed. It breaks your heart to see your little one hurting. I am so glad it is over!

He is a whole new baby today! Smiling, eating, laughing, and playing for hours! A Big thanks to my mother in law who watched him Thursday and Friday during the day so that Andrew and I could get back to work. I am so glad it is GONE from his little body!

So far, Andrew and I feel fine. Say a little prayer that stinking flu bug does not creep up on us!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Meals are BACK!

Okay, so now that my life is finally back on track I can start cooking and going to the store like a normal person! We have been eating frozen foods and fast food for a long time now. It is great to be back in the game!!!

Monday: Southwester Wraps, Black beans and Spanish Rice
Tuesday: Stuffed Peppers and New Potatoes
Wednesday: Crock pot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Chips
Thursday: Dinner for Deighton's Birthday at THE PORCH!
Friday: Mexican Food Out!
Saturday Lunch: Pizza
Saturday Dinner: OUT
Sunday Lunch: Soup and Tuna Sandwiches
Sunday Dinner: Crock pot Chicken, Rice, Squash and Zuccini

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


YES! I am still here! My life has been in FAST FORWARD these last 6 weeks. I have tons to update everyone on, especially the little guy! By the end of the week you will be caught up on the Crawford's! Check back..... if people still even check my blog! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meals for the week..

So last week our meal plan totally changed and we did not end up eating three things I had planned from the week. So we will be eating those meals this week. It is kind of nice not to even have to think about it and already have some planned!

MONDAY: LABOR DAY - Lunch COOK OUT at our house with friends!
(Chili Dogs, Chips, Dip, and Birthday Cake for Ashley)

LABOR DAY - Dinner COOK OUT at the In-Laws house!
(everything you can imagine)

TUESDAY: Crispy Chicken Strip Salad and Bread

WEDNESDAY: Turkey, Avocado, Tomato and Cheese Melts with Soup

THURSDAY: Shrimp and Vegetable Fettuccine with Bread


SATURDAY: Whatever we can make at home!


Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have to start this post with the picture above! He is so peaceful in this picture. Wyatt was only 1 week old here! This was his very first Aggie game. We played TU and lost... but I am glad he got to experience one of our loves in the first week of his life. Can't you see the excitement on his face!? I know this started his love for the Aggies and College football just like his parents! HA!
Yes, you got that right! Wyatt is wearing football overalls and to be exact, he is wearing football overalls with a MAROON football on them. We are gearing up for AGGIE FOOTBALL! WHOOP! I love Aggie Football, even when we do not win. It is one of my favorite things to do, sit with a bunch of friends and watch our Aggies play. Andrew and I had season tickets for 2 years and then Wyatt came and we had to get rid of them for obvious reasons. (a newborn baby could not handle 120 degree heat and standing soo much) But we look forward to the day when Wyatt can attend his first Aggie Game at Kyle field. It will be a proud day for his Mommy and Daddy!
I think he is trying to say "GIG'EM" here! ;)
To be completely honest, I love ANY College football game. I could watch it all day long. It might have to do with my husbands obsession with it, but over these last 7 years we have been together, I have also fallen in love with this time of year! So YEAH for Football season!

AND... "Beat the Hell Outta WHOEVER Aggies!"

P.S. Thanks Aunt Lyns for these cute overalls! Wyatt loves them and we MISS you!

Hungry Anyone?! Here are our MEALS!

Sunday: Turkey Melt & Avocado Sandwiches and Tomato Basil Soup

Monday: Shrimp & Vegetable Fettuccine, Bread

Tuesday: Chicken Crisper Salad & Bread

Wednesday: Sloppy Joe's and French Fries (you gotta love it!)

Thursday: Homemade Vegetable Pizza

Friday: LAKE HOUSE for the weekend!!! Grillin' Out on the water!

The first week!

The first week of school went okay. I was very busy. Lots of "stuff" that had to be accomplished before the first week was over. I do already love my new position as Campus Reading Specialist. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but the things I am doing are perfect for me. I love writing lesson plane, creating documents, and coming up with new ideas to help out teachers. The Lord knew what he was doing when He led me to this position.

I still have 3 classes of reading, and it is going well too. I look forward to getting to know these students and hoping that they succeed this year!

I am also actually enjoying being back at school. You know you were meant to teach when after the first week you are exhausted, but also very excited. So, no matter how much I have questioned going back this year, the Lord knew what was best for me! It has also been great to get back with my teacher friends. This year is going to be soo much fun and I think we are all going to mesh well. I cannot wait to see where this year leads all of us! I will keep you posted!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well this week I do not have to worry about meals thanks to my wonderful husband. Yesterday he left and went to the store to get a "few" things. Little did I know that he had planned out the entire week of meals. When he came back he told me that since it was my first week back to school, and things would be crazy he decided to plan the meals, go to the store, and is going to cook every night! I have the best husband in the world!

Thanks babe, you are so amazing to me! I love you soo much! I appreciate the help and support you give me every day! The Lord has truly blessed me with you!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Meal Planning!

Monday: Ground Turkey Enchiladas, Re-fried Beans and Spanish Rice

Tuesday: Fish Tacos, Mango Salsa, Avocado and Black Beans

Wednesday: Crock Pot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Okra

Thursday: Pizza and Cesar Salad

Friday: Our Night out! ;)

Saturday Lunch: Sandwiches and Chips

Saturday Dinner: Somewhere fun out!

Sunday: Stuffed Green Peppers, Potatoes, Salad, and Baked Bread

* if you have not noticed already... i love pizza! i am a little obsessed with it. So Thursdays we have pizza. we used to order out, but then fell in love with a few of the frozen pizzas from the grocery store. they are really good, cooked on my pizza stone and soo much cheaper, OH and healthier! i always make a salad to pair with it. i never get tired of it! it is easy and i look forward to it while i watch my favorite thursday shows during the year!

Friday, August 14, 2009

rise and shine...

So I guess Wyatt has changed his sleep schedule to get me ready for school. It is a good thing, but right now at 6 in the morning I am not liking it so much. He normally goes down at 8:00p.m. and sleeps until around 8:00a.m. the next morning. This week he has been waking up between 5:30a.m. and 6:00a.m. I am not sure why his schedule all the sudden changed, but it has put my into a whirl wind of reality checks. School is back.

I know so many people hate the fact that teachers get off for the summer. TRUST me, we hear the comment all the time, and yes after a while it gets pretty annoying. BUT, to our defense.... take care of 150, loud, emotional 7th and 8th graders on a regular basis and you would need a break too. Seriously at the end of the year in a school building you can cut the tension with a knife. The kids are exhausted and turn into terrors. There is nothing like it. I do not care how many adults you deal with, you can at some point, close your door and have a few minutes to yourself... for us, we cannot do that. We have KIDS all day long! So anyway... my new comment I say to people who do not like the fact that I get off in the summers.... "Become a Teacher!" HA.... Then you will get the same days off as us and get our wonderful pay! SARCASM.....

So now... I will vent about not being ready to go back. This year I have several reason I am not as excited to start the year. I do have a little joy in my heart as I get to re-arrange my classroom and hang up new decorations. Meeting the kids and seeing the dynamics of my class is always a plus, and I also love being with my teacher friends every day. It is definitely a blessing to work with fun people. BUT, I also have to take my son to someone else everyday and this is not fun for me. This summer has been a blast, watching him daily, playing with him and watching him learn new things. So I am going to miss that. But teaching calls and my job as reading specialist is calling as well. Nerves have set in for the new position. I am ready, don't get me wrong, but I have butterflies in my stomach about getting everything organized. Working out my schedule and figuring out how I will be utilized best in each subject area. The first 6 weeks of school will be trial and error as I figure things out, and this is un-settling for me. I like to have everything ready to go, organized and in place. My new position will not look like that for a while and I am trying to learn to be okay with that.

So as I sit here early this morning, I have so many emotions and "to do" lists going through my head. I am going to try to set those aside until Monday morning, and have one last weekend of total freedom.... no school worries, and play with my little man. I just want to hold him all day long!

P.S. I also get secretly excited about this time of year because I get NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES. New school supplies make me so happy. Fresh pencils, brand new markers, fresh packaged notebook paper, dry erase markers that do not run out, staples, tons of colored paper, Crayons that have not been used... oh the joy it brings me. It does not get much better than that!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Here are the recipes I told a few of you that I would post. I need to figure out how to link the recipe when I post my meals on Mondays. That way everyone will have them and not have to ask.

(Katy... how do you link another post? Or create a seperate one that does not pop up automatically? I see you do it on your page and cannot figure it out!)

Creamy Crock Pot Chicken

4 bonless skinless chicken breasts
2 c sour cream
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
1 package dried onion soup

Place chicken in bottom of crock pot. Mix all other ingredients together and pour over the top of the chicken. Cover with lid and cook 6-8 hours. The chicken falls apart and breaks up.
Serve over rice and veggies. (I cook broccli)

Bacak Southwestern BLT Wraps (one of our FAVORITES)

1/2 c salsa
1/3 c frozen corn, thawed
6 (8 in) tortillas
12 turkey bacon slices, cooked and broken in half
Butter lettuce leaves
1 avacado mashed (I use several since we love avocado)
4 t fresh lime juice (3 mini limes)
1/2 c mayo
1 t chopped fresh cilantro
salt to tast

Stir together salsa and corn. Set aside.
Make avocado lime sauce by combining avocado, lime juice, mayo, cilantro, and salt. Top warm torillas with lettuce, corn salsa, bacon and drizzle with avocado lime sauce.

(I also make black beans and spanish rice for sides)

One more tip!!

I made a Chocolate Cake this week and read that if you add a package of pudding mix to the cake it will make it moist. It WORKED. So yummy! You can use any type of pudding to any cake for flavor and to make it so much better.

We make the Southwestern Wraps on a regular basis. It is a great meal and so easy. Also, during the school year I try to have several nights with crock pot meals. I am hoping to do at least one a week. I have a great crock pot book with soo many varieties of meals. Andrew and I normally eat out every Wednesday night since we have church, but if I could plan our crock pot meal to be on Wednesdays we could save so much money!

Sorry it took me soo long to post these. I look forward to seeing everyone else's meal ideas! Yeah for cooking!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I needed a change!

So I have always had long hair and I really love it, BUT... I needed a change, something new for the year! Wyatt was a motivator in this change since he loves to pull hair and was always, as I put it... "all up in it!" I called my sister Joanne who is a wonderful hair stylist, made the appointment yesterday and at noon today went to get it cut off. I had to make the decision quickly because I have been known to change my mind at the last minute. I have never had short hair so it is hard for me to get used to. I do miss my long hair a little bit already, I think every time I cut my hair I will miss it...
but I LOVE the new do.
What do you think?!

I am obviously not made up in this picture. I actually went on a walk before taking it tonight. But you get the idea. It will be easy for me in the mornings and my head feels so much lighter! ;) So this is my new look... if you hate it, please don't tell me! Ha... I can grow it back out in no time if I get tired of the short look! For now... I am pleased! ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Poop?!!!! YIKES!

If you do not like POOP stories... do not read! ;)

This is the face of a little stinker. Really, tonight he stunk. We were eating dinner and Wyatt was having some snacks in his highchair. He is always a mess, so before I even started to clean him up I started the bath water. Good thing I did that! As I took him out of his high chair I realized that it was not just food coming from his shorts. He had pooped out both sides of his diaper. YIKES. The doctor told us that the antibiotic he is on for an ear infection would cause diarrhea. Well.... it has kicked in and we definitely had poop everywhere tonight. This is not normal poop either. This is nasty, leaky poop. YUCK. I was thrown into the world of boys, poop and motherhood tonight.

So I laid him on the bathroom floor and start stripping him from all his dirty, yucky clothes. Some how he managed to squirm around the bathroom floor, smearing his nasty poo everywhere. Including on me! So picture this... running bath water, a naked, squirming baby covered in poo, wipes, a tile floor, and a mother yelling for her husband who was in the shower. It was definitely a scene from a movie!

I finally managed to get him clean enough to put in the bathwater and was trying to wipe the poo from the floor and off of me when he struck again. I realize now that it was my fault for what happened next. Take a naked baby and lay him on a cold tile floor and eventually he is going to have the urge to pee. Well... that is what happened. Wyatt peed. But let me just tell you, he did not just normal pee. He peed like a race horse. It was shooting everywhere! I did not know a baby of his size could pee that high, and for a moment I was actually impressed! ;) But then I was shot back into reality when I realized my cute sandals were soaked with pee and both the bathmats were covered as well. I then stopped what I was doing and put my little guy in the tub, still yelling for my husband who had no idea what was going on.
I bathed him, put his pj's on and let him play in his swing while I cleaned up the mess in the bathroom. The funniest part is when Andrew got out of the shower he had no idea what had gone on. I wonder how he would have handled the situation!? I laugh just thinking about it! Andrew is not big on poopie diapers, especially ones that spu!
We both survived... him more than me! I wish you could have seen him. Wyatt was smiling, laughing and saying "Da Da" the whole time! He thought he was pretty funny! This will definitely be a story to go in the baby book.
I should title it....
"Squirming Poo Boy and the Fountain of Pee"

Meals... Meals... Meals...

So my friend Katy always posts her meals for the week. I have gotten a few good recipes or even ideas for dinners that way. I thought I would start posting my meals as well and then we can get ideas from each other. Going to the store with a list saves me so much money!!!! I LOVE to cook, especially new things, so if you have any favorite recipes post them in the comment section for me! Once I get back into the swing of things during the school year, I normally cook wonderful meals every night! ;) This week I went pretty simple!
Meals for the Week!
Monday: Creamy Crock Pot Chicken and Rice, Broccoli and Dinner rolls.
Tuesday: BLT Sandwiches, Potato Salad, and Kettle Chips
Wednesday: Frito Pie
Thursday: Veggie Deluxe Pizza and Cesar Salad
Friday: Mexican Food... probably Mia's! ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

JBelle Photography ;)

Last weekend we got family pictures taken. We were introduced to Julie Riggins (the photographer) by our sweet friend Kathryn Aylor. Julie is amazing and our pictures turned out better than we could have imagined. We will be using her for a long time coming. Here are two from the photo session. If you want to see ALL of them, send me a message in the comment section and I will give your the directions and the password. ;)

Check JBelle Photography out! She is wonderful! Oh... and if you use her, tell her you heard about it from me! ;)

Update on the Little Guy!

Wyatt is now almost 9 months old! I cannot believe how big he has gotten soo fast. He has the funniest little personality and is still amazing baby. I have loved being home with him this Summer and the thought of going back to school with out him with me all day makes me a little sick to my stomach. But I know the Lord has a plan for us and I am blessed to have a little guy who adapts to any situation. Here are a few fun things we have done this summer and a few of his new little quirks!

He has a new face he makes. I love it! He crinkles up his nose and blows out air. He knows we love it and every time you hold up the camera he no longer smiles but makes this face! The things he will do for a laugh! ;) Wyatt's hair is also getting so long. The back and sides are now curling up just like his Daddy's! It is so cute and I hope it just keeps curling. The top of his hair is soo long. So this summer we have given him a Fo-hawk! He looks precious with it, don't you think?!

Some of our sweet friends for NY sent Wyatt a shirt. I had a little photo session with him on the porch! Notice he is clapping?! That is also new. He claps at everything that happens. ;)

Little stinker... those two words should sum him up! The picture above is the face we get when he is caught. He has now learned to crawl, or army crawl. It is a sight to see and since we have wood floors he is quit fast! His favorite thing to do is crawl under things; his swing, the table, or even the couch. We are constantly finding him in new places. Talk about re-arranging your house..... Oh, and he also follows Cal (our Lab) everywhere he goes. Good thing Cal lets him climb all over him. Wyatt will sometimes even chew on Cal's paw. I think it must be a boy thing! ;)

What is summer without baseball?! Here is Wyatt and I living it up at a Rough Rider's game. He is so content with being outside. He would stay awake for hours. He even rolled down the hill at the game... not on purpose, but he came up smiling when Andrew finally stopped him! ;)

My cousin Anne and I took our little boys to the Zoo. We went early in the morning the other day and it is the BEST time to go. I recommend it to everyone. It is not hot, there is NO traffic to fight inside or outside the zoo, and the animals are soo lively! Wyatt actually got to see elephants, giraffes and monkeys up close. The trainers even trained a chimpanzee right in front of us. It was very cool. But the picture above was the best of all. I have NEVER been this close to a Gorilla. She was the oldest of the gorillas at the Zoo and we were informed that she loved children. She would follow the kids from window to window and was very content to sit and watch their every move. I was enthralled. Andrew (my cousin's son) and Wyatt loved it. How neat is that?!

Last, but not least was Saturday night. We took Wyatt to his very first wedding. Andrew's cousin Kevin married a sweet girl named Taren and it was a very pretty wedding. Wyatt was so good, as always. The best part was dressing him up. Look how cute he looks in his button-up shirt, khaki's and stylin' little shoes. He is going to always be the bested dressed... (again just like his dad!) He enjoyed being passed around at the wedding and having so many people oooing and awwing at him!
I have so many more pictures! I am the crazy picture lady. This is probably the reason why Wyatt knows to smile when I hold up the camera! ;) He is doing so well and growing so fast. I love watching him form a personality and figure things out on his own. The Lord has truly blessed us with this little guy! Enjoy the pictures, I promise to update sooner!

What a wedding!

Wow, I have not posted anything in a really long time. I have had a wonderful summer and plan on living it up this last week. But we have been going crazy since the beginning of July. To start things off, my best friend Lynsey got married to a wonderful Dane named Martin. Their wedding was in Durango on Blue Lake Ranch, and it was a week long fun of everything you can imagine! My In-Laws kept Wyatt for the week( who we love dearly for), which allowed me to focus on Lyns (the bride) and also have a vacation with my husband. It was fabulous making all new Danish friends and seeing how the Lord can bring so many people together. We played Danish games, had wonderful fellowship, ate amazing food, took in the beautiful scenery and even went white water rafting! So fun! Here are some pictures of our time in Durango!

Monday, July 13, 2009

YEAH YEAH for Giveaways!!!

Look at these cute bags! I love them. Katy is giving this away on her blog. Her mom makes such fun bags, burp clothes and aprons. Here is her mom's link...
I think that if I do not win this giveaway I am going to have to order one for Wyatt. What a fun bag for him to have! I love the idea of it being his church bag... no name tag involved! ;)
Mom's this is a great bag for your kids. Anyone, this is a great gift! Go check out her blog!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Red, White and Blue...

Wyatt and his life jacket for the boat!
Wyatt sitting with Daddy during the Fireworks. This picture is priceless, both looking up at the sky at the fire works.

Ellie Jane and Wyatt!

He is good at "cheesing" for the camera!

Here are just a few pictures of The 4th of July at the Lake. It was great to spend the weekend with the family at the Lake House, go out on the boat and eat lots of yummy food! We had a blast and loved celebrating the 4th!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I started feeling yucky. Not sick, just tired and a stuffy nose. I thought it was just because I have been going constantly every day this week. BUT NO... last night it hit me. My whole body ached, I could not breath AT ALL... and I was shaking uncontrollably from being soo cold. Andrew literally had to wrap a blanket around me and just hold me. I have not felt this sick in years. I am not sure what I have, but today has been miserable. Having a 7 month old and feeling like this do not go hand in hand. Especially one who wants to play ALL DAY LONG. It also did not help that he normally takes a 3 hour nap in the morning, and he only slept for maybe 45 minutes. ;(
Flu? I don't know, but I never thought I would get this sick in the middle of summer in JULY. If I am still this bad tomorrow I will head to the doctor. But say a little prayer that I get so much better. This weekend is The 4th of July, one of my favorite Holidays, and the whole family will be at the lake. I do not want to feel like this there!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Water, water everywhere!

My child is in love with the water! He is happy out of the water, but put him in the tub or a swimming pool and he goes to town. He could literally play in the bath tub for hours. I have to take him out once he has splashed ALL the water from the tub onto the floor or all over me. He thinks splashing is pretty funny! Andrew and I both love the water, so it fits in great with all our summer plans.
Wyatt and I have also been going to a Water Babies class through the city of Richardson. It is a 10 day class and they teach the babies to be comfortable in the water. Since Wyatt was already overly comfortable, he took to the "skills" with no problem. I am in the water with him and it is so fun to see him get excited when we sing a song or go under the water. YES... Wyatt goes under and comes up smiling! He has even learned to blow bubbles, it is great! The teacher has taught us safety skills and I have shown him where the SAFE PART of the pool is. Wyatt even was dipped under the water, let go and came up practically on him own. ( No I am not a crazy mom... the teacher guided us to do this and I was right next to him. The whole thing was about 5 seconds!) I am happy that he is not afraid. To be honest, some of the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs, and some of the mom's are to afraid to even try the skills. I want Wyatt to know that the water is not scary, and to trust that I am not going to do anything that will hurt him. He has taken to it wonderfully, and I look forward to keeping up swim classes until he is older and can swim on his own! Yeah for summer and pool time.
Wyatt thinks it is pretty cool to splash himself, me, and all the other parents and children that come near him! I have a feeling I have a joke-ster on my hands! ;) I don't have any pictures from class, but hopefully Friday Andrew will come and get a few of us in the pool!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day!

I could write for pages and pages about this wonderful man. My husband is amazing! It was such a great Father's Day, one that we will always remember. Wyatt is saying Da-Da on a regular basis and watching him and Andrew play together brings me so much joy. I know Andrew will lead Wyatt in the way of the Lord as he has already led our family in that direction. Thank you babe for being such a strength in our family. Thank you for loving the Lord with all of your heart and only relying on Him. Wyatt and I love you MORE..... ;)

Jesus... Mascot or Master? Beach Camp 2009

Church camp this year was amazing! Andrew and I came home totally exhausted, but overwhelmed with how wonderful our Lord and Savior is. He is constantly teaching us and reaffirming the fact that we love and are supposed to work with youth. It is a blast to hang out with them, be silly with them, weep with them and watch them grow in the their walks with the Lord. We are blessed to be able to serve under such amazing staff at The Heights and love that our family gets to serve the youth together. Here is a slide show of Panama City, Florida Beach Camp 2009! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 Years and Counting!

Happy Anniversary to us! We have been married 2 years yesterday, 6-9-09! Wow, it is crazy that is has been two years already. I still remember every detail of planning my wedding. It is neat to think back two years ago at how different we were as a couple. The Lord has grown us into one. I am in awe at how He has changed our lives and the two of us. We fully give our ourselves to him daily and trust that He will provide. We do not worry or stress because we know that ultimately God is in control. It is amazing to have this feeling of peace. I thank the Lord daily for giving me a loving husband, one who goes to the Lord for all the decisions in our lives. I am blessed and cannot say enough about what kind of husband and father he has become. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. We have so much to be thankful for. We have been given a beautiful baby boy, a house, and wonderful friends and family. The last two years have been amazing and I look forward to growing together as a family under the protection and direction of the Lord. Happy Anniversary Babe!
Eating at a nice restaurant in the Gaylord.

The view from our room. The Gaylord is amazing. You never have to leave, one stop shop. It has food, entertainment, a pool, spa and so much more! I recommend it to everyone. It was a great weekend with Andrew, very relaxing and much needed! I love my husband and am so happy to say the last 2 years have been wonderful. I cannot wait for many more to come! ;)