Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines...

Valentines... well I normally am not a mushy person; but today I am so very happy to have a Holiday were I just get to love on my boys! The last two weeks have been absolutely crazy! First of all, the snow! I mean come on Texas weather, I do not remember the last time we were stuck in a house for a week because it was 16 degrees outside. The time with Wyatt was wonderful, but the fact that it brought the Flu and Pneumonia into my home was not so wonderful.

Andrew got the flu the week of the blizzard which then turned into Pneumonia because he went to work every day in that icy weather. I have never seen my husband so sick. I was scared for several days because he could not even function. Needless to say, he lost a lot of weight and I was basically a single mom for 2 weeks. I took Wyatt to several basketball games, and to eat out of the house in the evenings to just get him out of the house so Andrew could rest. Finally, Andrew woke up yesterday and looked somewhat like himself. He was able to go to church and actually hang out with us!

BUT, illness has struck our house again. Wyatt began running fever yesterday, YES.... the day Andrew started looking better. I mean COME ON, REALLY?!! I took him to the doctor and he as Strep and an ear infection. As soon as I got home from the doctor I began cleaning our house! I want all these germs to LEAVE my house for a very long time. I am just praying that I am not the next one to go down.

I will say though, it has brought a little joy to be at home today with Wyatt. Just to be the one to snuggle with him and love him when he needs his Mommy the most.

So Happy Valentines to my boys! I love them both very much and would do anything for the both of them! I love my little family more than words can express, and even the Flu, Pneumonia, an ear infection and Strep can't take the LOVE away from my heart for these two guys!!!

Happy Valentines Day Andrew and Wyatt!!!