Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Here are the recipes I told a few of you that I would post. I need to figure out how to link the recipe when I post my meals on Mondays. That way everyone will have them and not have to ask.

(Katy... how do you link another post? Or create a seperate one that does not pop up automatically? I see you do it on your page and cannot figure it out!)

Creamy Crock Pot Chicken

4 bonless skinless chicken breasts
2 c sour cream
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
1 package dried onion soup

Place chicken in bottom of crock pot. Mix all other ingredients together and pour over the top of the chicken. Cover with lid and cook 6-8 hours. The chicken falls apart and breaks up.
Serve over rice and veggies. (I cook broccli)

Bacak Southwestern BLT Wraps (one of our FAVORITES)

1/2 c salsa
1/3 c frozen corn, thawed
6 (8 in) tortillas
12 turkey bacon slices, cooked and broken in half
Butter lettuce leaves
1 avacado mashed (I use several since we love avocado)
4 t fresh lime juice (3 mini limes)
1/2 c mayo
1 t chopped fresh cilantro
salt to tast

Stir together salsa and corn. Set aside.
Make avocado lime sauce by combining avocado, lime juice, mayo, cilantro, and salt. Top warm torillas with lettuce, corn salsa, bacon and drizzle with avocado lime sauce.

(I also make black beans and spanish rice for sides)

One more tip!!

I made a Chocolate Cake this week and read that if you add a package of pudding mix to the cake it will make it moist. It WORKED. So yummy! You can use any type of pudding to any cake for flavor and to make it so much better.

We make the Southwestern Wraps on a regular basis. It is a great meal and so easy. Also, during the school year I try to have several nights with crock pot meals. I am hoping to do at least one a week. I have a great crock pot book with soo many varieties of meals. Andrew and I normally eat out every Wednesday night since we have church, but if I could plan our crock pot meal to be on Wednesdays we could save so much money!

Sorry it took me soo long to post these. I look forward to seeing everyone else's meal ideas! Yeah for cooking!


The Links said...

Those wraps sound delicious!! I can't wait to make them.

To make a link in your post to another post....
Open up a new window. Go to your blog. Find the post that you want to link to. If you click on the title of the post that you want, it will open up a window where it only shows that post. Copy the address at the top.

For example this would be the link to this post...

Go back to your window where you are posting. Type "whatever your recipe is" then highlight what you typed. Click the link button (it's the chain one with green on it) and paste your link in there.

I hope this makes sense!!

Ashlea Campbell said...

thanks for posting these wonderful recipes!