Thursday, May 12, 2011


So much to update on! My birthday was last month and it was amazing! There were great dinners and many surprises. I will have to update that soon. That will be another post in itself, once I get all the pictures uploaded.

But today it is onto another topic that has struck the Crawford household.

On Tuesday morning I woke up feeling great, the only weird thing I noticed was when I was brushing my teeth, the left side of my tounge felt weird. It was nothing to alarming so I just blew it off and went about my day.

As Tuesday progressed, the left side of my head began hurting very badly. It was like a migrain head ache, but only on the left side. I had so much to do at school that I just popped some advil and went about my day. But, my tounge was still bothering me and now the left side of the inside of my mouth was numb. I thought maybe I was allergic to something and sent Dr. Jane (a very close friend and amazing doctor) a text. She told me to let her know if any other symptoms occured.

Wednesday morning at 5:00AM my alarm goes off for bootcamp. I could not get out of bed. My headache on the left side was so bad - so I stayed in bed until it was time to get ready for school. When I went to the bathroom that is why I starting freaking out. My left eye was not blinking correctly and when I tried to brush my teeth, the left side of my mouth would not form to spit. Then I tried to smile - and that is when I LOST it. Tears flowing everywhere. My smile was only on the right.

I called Andrew into the room and showed him what was going on. He didn't even know what to say, but "Call Jane." I left her a message and tried to continue getting ready for school.

To make a long story short, the nurse at school sent me home before the 8:30am bell even rang. I was a mess. Anytime someone would stop me in the hall I would loose it. I was just really scared.

I got into the doctor at 9:15am and my best friend Christy went with me so I would not have to be alone. Turns out I have Bells Palsy. Work has been very stressful latley and it obvioulsy caused my immune system to be shot. She said it is virual and they began treating aggresivly with steroids so hopefully it will not get worse before better.

I am thankful that I caught it early and so thankful for all my sweet family and friends who helped me through and checked on me throughout the day yesterday. It was deffinitly a crazy rollercoaster ride. I am very happy that it is nothing 'serious.'

I'll keep you posted on the changes of my face!!! Stay tuned for some more up-beat posts soon! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's over... but not for long!

So boot camp was great! The month is over! It definitely challenged me and pushed me harder than I normally push my self when I work out. WE SURVIVED! But not only did I survive, but I signed up for another month. I am addicted. Truly 100% addicted and want to tell everyone about my experince. Here are the reasons I fell in love with working out this way, especially with TEXAS BOOTCAMP.

1. It is in the morning so I do not miss time with Wyatt - he is still sleeping.

2. My workout is done before my day starts and it makes me feel great throughout the day.

3. I eat so much better, because in my head I think - " I don't want to ruin that great workout I had this morning!"

4. It has been amazing time with sweet friends. We laugh a lot and push each other to try harder than we think we can.

5. Our trainer is wonderful!

6. We work every part of our body!

7. The workouts are never the same, so we don't get bored.

8. I have seen results!

9. I don't have to re-shower later in the day. I hate getting ready more than once a day!

10. Texas Bootcamp is a Christian Company. At the end of each work out they read us a bible story with a short lesson/devotional. Talk about great way to start my day - healthy body and healthy soul! :)

You should seriously think about Boot Camp! I know 5:30AM is early, but it has worked wonders for me. I NEVER, EVER imagined I would be a person to wake up and go work out. I actually turned my nose up at people who did and I thought they were truly crazy! I had every excuse in the book - including a really good one... "I have had 3 major knee surgeries and there are just things I can't do anymore." Not ONE time did I have to stop a workout because of my knee. And I could not be more excited to see my body being able to workout like I used too! They have workouts 6 days a week - and you can attend any session (morning or night). I am so excited I found something I love. Working out is no longer a frustration for me! We have a week off next week and I plan to run/work out to keep my body going until the next month starts! Whoo Hoo for feeling great!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beautiful Spring Day with Wyatt

This morning we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL DAY! I could not even excercise the thought of staying in doors. While Wyatt was eating breakfast I took a morning run and then came home to show him the surprise I bought him yesterday, Sidewalk Chalk!

We played outside for over an hour - coloring on the sidewalk. Here are the things we colored; dinosaurs (t-rex), baseballs, soccer balls, footballs and wrote all our names several times! Then we decided we wanted to have a little family outing. We headed to Corner Bakery - definitely one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world!! We sat on the porch and enjoyed the weather even more! Wyatt scarfed down a grilled cheese and a cup of fruit while Andrew and I had our favorite salads! We then decided to take Wyatt to try out Putt Putt for the first time. We play "golf" all the time outside in our driveway so we thought this would be a great idea. He was given a little golf set at his birthday and I normally stand at one end of the driveway; him at the other and we just hit it back and forth. Needless to say I was wondering how he would handle putting the ball in the hole! Here are some pictures below! He loved it! Daddy teaching him how to hold to club.
YEAH! He got it in!

He looks like a pro!
He is such a big boy - and doesn't he look soo cute in his new boat shoes?! :)
Daddy and Wyatt taking a break!
Me and my sweet little buddy!
Wyatt had a small meltdown at the 18th hole. He was not very happy that the ball was "gone." He kept getting on his stomach and looking into the hole asking where it went? It only got worse when we had to return the golf club. He just did not understand why anyone would give him a ball and club and then take them back! :)

This is how Wyatt plays Putt Putt - I think I like his method!!! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boot Camp Week 1

Boot Camp Week 1 was great! Sunday night I did not sleep AT ALL. I kept waking up thinking I was going to sleep past my alarm clock or that I could get there and not be able to do anything asked of me. Little did I know, none of those things were going to happen. It turned out to be wonderful! I will be honest, Monday after the workout I began thinking - "Is this really worth the money?" It wasn't 'that hard.' But Wednesday morning was a completely new boot camp. Monday they were just warming me up. I already feel better about myself and have been eating soo much better this week. This weekend we went of a camp out with our seniors from church and I definitely did not eat well... but I look forward to getting back into my healthy eating habits from last week and working out hard. I have been sore and there are times; like 5:00am when I doubt what I am doing. But it is all worth it! It also helps that Jill, Christy and Ashley are there waiting for me every morning. We have had great bonding time and laugh soo much! I honestly think I am addicted! Looks like I will probably be signing up for another boot camp this summer!!! Looking forward to Week 2! I will keep you posted!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miss You!

So there are about a million more pictures where these came from. Basically we lived 3 years inseparable from one another. I think there was a time period, that we saw each other everyday and if we didn't for some strange reason, we talked on the phone about 5 times that specific day. We new everything about one another - the good and bad.
So I miss you Lyns! There are days when I wish Denmark was only 20 minutes away so I could meet you for coffee, have a slumber party and stay up all night, drive down the road with the windows down dancing/ rapping to whatever song was on the radio, eat without any thought of what we were eating, go shopping and buy the exact same clothes in a different shade of grey, hear someone use our name in the same sentence- "Oh Jodi and Lyns," because they knew we were a pair and pray together.
I love you best friend! I pray for you daily and can't wait until one day we are living life together again with our little families. God is doing amazing things in you and Martin's life and I love being a part of it- even from across the ocean!
Miss you TONS!
*I mean really - we could be sisters, look at those pictures above!* :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zoo Time!

Wyatt and the monkeys!
We took the kids on the train that goes over the zoo. You get to see animals you can't see while walking. Wyatt kept saying, "OOO look at those leaves!" He cracks me up!

Ellie and Wyatt would not sit on the gorilla statue. It kind of freaked them out! So we opted for a picture on te bench!

They loved their cool sunglasses!
Yesterday morning - Jill and I woke up early and took the kids to the zoo. Going to the zoo is probably one of my most favorite things to do with Wyatt. Wyatt loves to be outside and loves animals, so it is the perfect combination!
The Dallas Zoo has added a bunch of new animals and the new African Safari section is so great for kids. They can see Lions, Cheetahs, Elephants, Gorillas and Giraffes all up close. I mean face to face! You can eat lunch right next to the lions - they are literally on the other side of the glass. And you can feed the giraffs. They take a huge piece of leaf out of your hand! Such a great experince for them! We have been several times and will keep going back. Everytime we go they have added more!
When Andrew can get the day off - or on a really pretty Saturday, we are going to try to hit up the Ft. Worth Zoo!
Spring Break as been fun soo far! Can't wait for the rest of the week!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today, Christy came over to bring me lunch and I started thinking about how much I love her as a friend. If you have not ever had a best friend, let me know and I will find you one! There is nothing like a true best friend who really knows you emotionally and spiritually inside and out. Girls need love from other girls! I look back at ALL of my best friends (because I have soo many) and see how God has strategically placed them at times in my life when I needed them the most. Each one of my best friends are so different, but all love the Lord and me whole-heartedly. Sweet girls I would not trade in for the world; Christine, Kari, Rebecca, Lynsey, Deighton, Cobb, Ashley - all are girls that I love so much and need in completely different ways. I love that God has given me sweet girls to help me through stages of my life.
But today, meet Christy! I did not think I was looking for a new friend at the time I met her. I would have never imagined that God was about to Rock my World through this friendship. I had no idea He was about to grow me, mold me and shape me into a new person - teaching me to love in a new way, and forming a friendship that is so in-tune with God.
I met Christy at church, through Ashlee Cobb (who I love dearly). Cobb came to me 2 years ago in November to ask me to talk with her friend Christy. See, Christy had lost her Dad and her friends were not sure how to "help" her, or even how to love on her. If you have never lost a parent you don't know what it feels like - and that is totally understandable, but it is hard to even speak to people who don't know the anger, fear, suffering, and sadness you are experiencing. So I loved that Cobb reached out to me.
I called Christy and we met for dinner - and it was a dinner that lasted a very long time. That dinner turned in to several more. I was able to walk her through the grief and show her that what she was feeling was okay. BUT, God was teaching me through all this. He showed me that there were sooo many things in my life that went back to my mom's death that I had not dealt with. Things that I kept inside because I was supposed to be "okay." I didn't have anyone from the outside to walk me through when I lost Mom. I wanted to be okay for my family, and I didn't turn to anyone. So as it turned out - 3 years after Mom died, I began the last stage of grief acceptance! WOW.
I remember thinking, "God what is your plan in all this?" But now I see. He wanted me to trust Him again. To rely on Him again. To learn to communicate my feelings. To learn to not have to be "strong." To learn to not have to fix everything.To be open to suffering and to learn to love myself in a new way so that I could be a Wife and Mom like she was!
I feel like Christy and I have known each other for years. I needed her these last two years and I thought I was the one who was needed. :) Oh was I wrong. I have gained a best friend, one that I won't ever let go! So Christy - You are stuck with the Crawfords! We are honest with one another, hold one another accountable and laugh TONS together. If you put us in the same room, things get a little crazy. We just think the same in sometimes the craziest of ways - and many times we get weird stares!
When we hang out - it is for hours! I don't think we can hang out for an hour and be "filled." Our time together last a really long time. So today when she showed up to bring me lunch, I knew my after noon was going to be amazing.
She is a a part of our family! Wyatt adores her! I mean adores! And Andrew loves her like a sister. She can be in our home any time and there is never any awkward time.
So I just wanted to introduce you to one of the most selfless friends I have had. Someone who can love me even when my heart is dark and angry. Someone who can step up to the plate and tell me I am wrong. Someone who loves the Lord so much she is okay with having hard conversations. Someone who loves my family. Someone who I can be completely inappropriate with and not feel judged!
We love you Christy! Thank you for loving me so much!

These Pictures about Sum who we are! :)