Monday, October 26, 2009


I love this show! I am totally addicted and have pulled Andrew in with me. I get so excited when Summer comes because I get to watch this show! I almost jumped through the roof when I found out they were doing a Fall season too. If you don't watch this, you should! It is so entertaining!!! I love, love to dance; so this show just makes me smile! All that to say........
Andrew and I are going to SYTYCD on Wednesday night! Aren't you jealous?! We are going with our best friends Nick and Rebecca who are just as into the show as we are. It is the TOP 12 dancers from this last Summer season. I cannot wait to see them. Our seats are so close! I feel like a little kid waiting for a surprise! Just one day away! I will let you know how it goes.... I KNOW IT WILL BE AMAZING! :) Pictures to come.

Thank Goodness it is GONE...

See this sweet face? Well he had the flu last week. I felt helpless. There were several days when Andrew and I would just hold him and that is all he wanted. They are not joking when they say it hits these little ones really hard. He could only play about 20 minutes and then he would want to take a break and cuddle. He would crawl over to wherever you were sitting, put his hands up to be picked up and curl into a little ball with his head on your chest. There was no patting, rocking or bottles... he would just fall right asleep! We knew he did not feel well after he did that several times. He is an active little guy, and that is just not normal! BUT, We took full advantage of the snuggle time!

So last Thursday I noticed that Wyatt was not himself. I left work early and took him to the doctor and found out that he had a double ear infection. We started him on antibiotics that night. Friday he was fine, no fever, just fussy because his ears hurt. Last Saturday morning he woke up with a fever. By lunch time he was throwing up. I was pretty worried since he did not do this before and we had just been to the doctor. He got worse on Sunday, so Monday morning we were right back in the doctor's office and still running 102. The test came back positive and they put him on tami-flu. The next two days were not too bad. Still high fever and lots of cuddling. But on the 3rd day, the effects of the medicine he was taking started to take toll. His poor little bottom was covered in a rash and he would cry every time he was changed. It breaks your heart to see your little one hurting. I am so glad it is over!

He is a whole new baby today! Smiling, eating, laughing, and playing for hours! A Big thanks to my mother in law who watched him Thursday and Friday during the day so that Andrew and I could get back to work. I am so glad it is GONE from his little body!

So far, Andrew and I feel fine. Say a little prayer that stinking flu bug does not creep up on us!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Meals are BACK!

Okay, so now that my life is finally back on track I can start cooking and going to the store like a normal person! We have been eating frozen foods and fast food for a long time now. It is great to be back in the game!!!

Monday: Southwester Wraps, Black beans and Spanish Rice
Tuesday: Stuffed Peppers and New Potatoes
Wednesday: Crock pot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Chips
Thursday: Dinner for Deighton's Birthday at THE PORCH!
Friday: Mexican Food Out!
Saturday Lunch: Pizza
Saturday Dinner: OUT
Sunday Lunch: Soup and Tuna Sandwiches
Sunday Dinner: Crock pot Chicken, Rice, Squash and Zuccini

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


YES! I am still here! My life has been in FAST FORWARD these last 6 weeks. I have tons to update everyone on, especially the little guy! By the end of the week you will be caught up on the Crawford's! Check back..... if people still even check my blog! :)