Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jesus, Wyatt and Coffee...

Mornings in the Crawford household are my favorite! I am normally not the best morning person. I want to be left alone, not to talk to anyone or be nice to anyone until I am awake. But being a mom has changed that... I did not have much of a choice I guess! ;)

Early in the morning after Wyatt's feeding, normally between 6:00 -7:00 a.m. he is wide awake and wants me to hold him. I could stare at him all day. He loves to lay in my lap and look around while I listen to all the sweet baby noises he makes. He is perfect. He is content and I am content with him in my arms.

I have always dreamed of times like this, but never did I imagine that I would desire and cherish them so much. During this time I do not want to be any where else in the world but holding my sweet little boy. I never knew I could love like this before, in this way... a motherly love.

So this leads me into my time with the Lord, or shall I say OUR time with the Lord. During this hour, Wyatt and I spend time with Jesus. We start off with a prayer and then I read him God's Word. His first book is Jeremiah, for I wanted him to know the book of the bible he was named from. He loves to hear me read. Not a noise is made from his little mouth. He just sits and stares at me, almost as if he is soaking in everything that God has given, and I pray he is. I love reading God's Word over him. Wyatt just stares at me with his big eyes as if to say, "Mom, I want more of whatever that is!"

Andrew and I have prayed that Wyatt will one day love the Lord as much as we do... or more. I hope to instill in him how important the Word is in his life. There is such an innocence and with all of my heart I pray he sees that God is the only way for his life. I pray that he wakes up 10 years, 20 years, or 50 years from now still wanting me to read the word over him, or wanting to dig into God's Word himself. I pray he grasps the Love of Jesus early in life because Andrew and I have shown him that love the best way we can.

I look into those big blue eyes at the end of every morning and my heart melts. I now have a small understanding, more than I ever had before of the love Jesus has for us as his children. I know my love does not even compare, but having Wyatt has given me a small glimpse and I cherish this glimpse with all of my being.

At the end of our time, I sing to him. Sometimes a few praise songs, sometimes old songs like "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE", but I always end it with a song my mom made up and sang to me every night before bed. It is so simple, but is full of the joy my mother brought me and I hope to bring that same joy to Wyatt.
"Sweetie pie, Sweetie pie, Wyatt is my Sweetie Pie!"
I can still hear her singing it to me this very day. This is when he closes his sweet eyes and I rock him in my arms to sleep for his morning nap; thanking Jesus for this precious gift that we are so blessed to call our own.

I am so lucky to sit on the couch, reading God's word, sipping coffee, and holding my precious gift every morning. I pray that Wyatt is filled with the love of the Lord everyday and that he learns to love Jesus as much as his Daddy and I do. I could not ask for more.

Christmas Season

I love Christmas time! This was Wyatt's first Christmas party at Andrew's office! He is the cutest little guy in his sweater vest. He also got his first picture taken with Santa! We can not wait to have our first Christmas morning with out little guy. I love traditions and we are going to start our own. It is such a neat feeling to have our own family! I will have plenty to post after the next two weeks!