Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Okay... I was tagged!

I have some time... and since Ashley tagged me I will play along!!!!

The rules:
Write 6 random things about yourself.
Tag your friends.

Random things about Jodi Phyllis Crawford...

1. I love midgets or the correct term "small people." I am not sure where this obsession came from, but they make me smile. Every time I see someone of smaller stature I want to hug them... or if you are a real close friend you know the TRUE obsession. That might not be good to post to the whole world. ;)
2. I am GANGSTA... really! Deep down in my soul I am a little ghetto. Maybe it is because I grew up in DeSoto? Maybe it is because I love to shake it to some good music. But put me in a car with the windows rolled down, lay my seat back a little and I will rap with the best of them. I would love to have lunch with Snoop and Lil' John. Every now and then I could just say "Laadi-daadi or OOOKAAAAAAAAY!" haha I think this is one reason I fell in love with Andrew, he has this deep in his soul as well!
3. I dance in the tanning bed. I really hope they never have a camera in there... for more than one reason. ;) But no matter the song... I dance! It gets me through the 20 minutes of hottness to make my skin brown.
4. I think dogs have feelings. Not just like happy feelings, but feelings that get hurt when someone says something bad about them or ignores them. My heart hurts when Cal is sad or I have left him locked up all day. He understands everything I say... I just know it! Andrew will say, "Jodi he is a dog!" But to me... no he is a kid... he knows what is going on! So be mean to my dog and you will no longer be my friend!
5. Andrew has made me superstitious. I never used to be this way, but being married to a baseball player I guess it was likely to happen. He is so competitive and he has passed this on to me. I can not stand to loose, especially when it is a team I love. So when I am at an Aggie game and they are doing really well, and I have been standing with my legs side by side and my hands on my hips... I DO NOT MOVE, for fear of ruining the winning streak. No matter the position I was in when they scored, I stay that way until they mess up. I know it sounds silly but I just can not stop doing it! I guess I just have hope... and truly love my Aggies!
6. Ranch dressing is my FAVORITE! I eat it on everything, from pizza to green beans and mashed potatoes. It goes on the best of stuff. BUT not just any ranch dressing, it has to be HIDDEN VALLEY. Nothing else compares to this stuff. I normally can not eat a meal without it being on top of most of the things on my plate. I remember when I lived with the Bacaks. Jenn would make these elaborate, tasty meals and I would cover them in ranch. I sure hope I never hurt her feelings. It was not that her food was not good... because she is one of the best cooks I know. I was just enhancing the flavor! ;) I just love ranch and will have to live with the crazy looks I get as I cover my food with it for the rest of my life!

So those are a few RANDOM/WACKY things about me!
Lyns, Kendel, Jenn, Jan, Ashley, and Kathryn you are TAGGED!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Have you ever had a week that you feel everything is going WRONG?! This week has been emotional for me in so many ways already and it is ONLY Tuesday. I am not happy. I am not myself. I went from being full of life to drained of everything. I do not enjoy my job right now. I want to be at home. My time with the Lord has dwindled to a small amount instead of a full morning. Wyatt is sick this week with an ear infection and tough cold. I have had to leave him and I hate that. He needs his mommy... that is what everyone needs when they are sick and I can not be there.

My kids at school are upsetting me over silly things and I feel out of place. Lord am I supposed to be here? How much longer will I feel this way? It has only been a week and I am wanting an answer about next year.

I need to trust Him. He is telling me that OVER AND OVER in so many ways. Why can't I just be okay with that. Why can't I be content to wait for an answer. I have waited for many things in my life and seen the joy from them. How come I can not take those experiences and put them in this hole I am feeling now?

So my prayer this week is to give myself... ALL OF ME to Him, and be okay to see where it leads me. Even if it requires me to feel this way for another month or more. He is teaching me something and I must be still enough to listen and learn.

"The Lord is my Shepard....." I must trust his LEAD!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wyatt's Two Week Old Photo Session!

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Okay so this will be a long post! Just bare with me!! ;) I have much to tell. Wyatt was officially two months old this past Sunday! I can not believe how fast time has flown by. During the last two months we have done so many fun things and Wyatt has experienced many "firsts" in this life! He has also learned to do so many new things. The picture above shows that our little guy can smile! He started responding to us with smiles about 5- 6 weeks old. It is so fun to talk and play with him. Now he is laughing, coo-ing and talking up a storm all the time. Our little guy is going to be a talker... he is VERBAL, even in his sleep!

We also went to the ZOO! My two sisters and I took our kids to the Dallas ZOO one Friday. The weather was BEAUTIFUL... in December!(That is TEXAS for you!) Wyatt loves to be outside. I could go on a walk for hours and he would be content. I think that is the boy in him. He is always a happy baby... but so incredibly content when we are in the sun! This makes me so happy since Andrew and I are outdoors people. I also loved the time I spent with my sisters and my nephew and niece. It is going to be so much fun for Wyatt to grow up with cousin who are close to his age.
Another first was Wyatt's first time to go to church, Sunday, January 4th! Of course he already loves Jesus, so this was a no brainer for him.. hehe! The picture above is of his cute church clothes. Can you tell he is used to me taking pictures all the time? I think he will get used to being at church. Andrew and I work with the youth so he is plenty spoiled as soon as we walk in the doors!

This is not a first, but one of Wyatt's favorite things is to take a bath. I heard all these horror stories of babies hating to take a bath, well this is not the case for my little guy. He would lie in the little bath tub he has for hours if I would let him. He absolutely loves it. He definitely gets this from his daddy because he takes more showers/baths than any human being I know. We are a clean family and it makes us happy! I guess I better treasure this before he reaches the walking stage and starts playing in the dirt! If Wyatt is in a bad mood, I just stick him in the bath and he turns his frown upside down, then I have to prepare myself for a happy baby who wants to talk for hours after. It does not bother me either, especially since I get to put him in these cute robes when he is finished! ;)

Cal is now in love with Wyatt. At first when our new addition arrived, Cal was not really impressed. It did not smell him or lick him. He did not even really care to know he was around. But now that he is a little bigger and Cal has realized that Wyatt is not going back... he loves him. If Wyatt is crying, Cal is right there to make sure he is okay. If Wyatt is in a bed and Cal did not see me put him there, he searches the house to see where he is. When we come home from being gone, Cal not only wants to greet us... but must give Wyatt a MASSIVE lick in the face before he is settled down. I was worried about Cal for a while since he was my baby for the longest.... but they are now best buds. I can not wait until Wyatt is big enough to ride him! ha ;)
The picture above is just so cute! It shows how chubby he has gotten! He is 8 weeks old, eating 5 ounces, wearing 3 month old clothes(because 0-3 months are to short and tight), and in diaper size 2! After talking to my sister Jill, whose baby is 2 months older than him... Wyatt is growing like crazy! He is just a big boy... but I sure do love it! Today he is getting his first set of major shots and I am interested to hear his height and weight! I will let everyone know!

These last two pictures just make me smile. "Tummy Time" is for babies to gain strength and practice using their neck and stomach muscles on their own. Well my son... he thinks it is time to nap. Just lay him on his tummy for some play/workout time and within about 3 minutes he is asleep! It makes me laugh every time! He has about as much motivation to work out as me! He is very strong and kicks tons... I am just going to have to figure out how to keep him awake off his tummy! He is just not used to laying that way and I guess he really likes it!
The last change is that I have had to go back to work. This week has been really hard. At the end of the day I just want to hold him and never put him down. I cherish that time I had home with him and look forward to hopefully being able to stay home in the future. He is such a sweet little guy and growing so fast every day! Hope you enjoyed the update! Next time I will not wait so long!