Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet Doc

Meet Doc.... this is the newest member to the Crawford Family! He arrived about an hour ago and we are having a blast already. Cal, our 6 year old black lab loves him and Doc is following Cal's every move.
Our son Wyatt now has a best friend named Doc, like the movie Tomb Stone! Look for more pictures of our sweet family!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


You know the days when you wake up and don't feel well so your day is already starting off badly? That was today for me. I have had a stuffy nose for a week now and just feel yucky. But today was the worst I think.

It did not help that:

- I got to school and a student broke my computer.... the computer I was showing a video on that is connected to the projector..... It did not start working until 3rd...
- By the end of 2nd period I had sneezed 100 times and no longer could breath out my nose.
- On my way to lunch I was carrying my lunch and dropped my fruit cup, which busted all over the hallway floor.....right in front of twoVeteran's Visiting.
-By 5th period I had sneezed 100 more times.... and used half a box of tissue.
-At the end of the day I felt WAY worse than I did when I got to school, and had an emotional break down at 3:35 when Ash walked into my classroom.
-By 4:00 I was used to breathing out of my mouth, had a headache, and had sneezed A BILLION times.

Tonight, I am taking Tylenol PM and hitting the sack. AND... I know that I should not, but I have to resort back to using Nose Spray. (Sorry Dr. Bacak if you are reading this I won't be able to sleep tonight without it!)

Goodnight and tomorrow I hope to have somehow lost all this stuffiness, sneezing and feeling yucky!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you look like this when....

Wyatt had an Oreo for the first time the other night. This is how he ate it! I am not sure how this happened but it did and I took the time to get some pictures! I think my child is one of the messiest eaters I have ever seen! Oh well, he is precious anyway!


First of all, yes my baby is going to be one on November 18th! I cannot believe how fast the year has gone by. I love this new stag of life; all the talking and learning new things. But it is bittersweet, because I do not want my baby to get bigger. He is still a snuggler and a baby who is full of laughter and smiles! He has started a few new things though.
1. WALKING..... YES, last Monday night Andrew and I were playing on the floor with him. We had seen him take one step on Halloween night, two nights before this; and he had been walking along furniture and standing on his own in the middle of the room for a while. BUT nothing like this. He picked up his favorite ball and threw it across the room. All of the sudden he stood up and started walking. He literally walked across the entire living room without falling or anything. Andrew and I were in shock and so excited. I ran and got the video camera and proceeded to tape him for 20 minutes as he threw the ball across the room and would walk to get it. There is no turning back now! He is getting faster by the day.
2. Eating people food and rejecting baby food.
3. Pointing at everything.
4. Talking all the time and repeating words and sounds we say.
5. DANCING.... this child loves to dance and let me tell you, he can SHAKE IT!
6. Gives wonderful kisses.
7. Knows how to say "NO!"
8. Has learned to throw fits.... this is new! :)
9. Sits on the floor with cars and rolls them around saying VROOM VROOM. It must be a boy thing because we have never taught him this. He did it on his own!
10. IS ATTACHED to mommy and daddy!!! This is soo new to us. He has always been around so many people since he was born. We work with youth and are with them constantly at church. But in the last month he has become very attached and aware when mommy and daddy are leaving. He is not a screamer, and does not cry for long when we leave, but he makes the saddest face and clings. :( It is not easy! I know it is a phase, but it is not easy to leave him anywhere. He always has to be aware of where we are in a room. If not in the room, he is looking for us!

His birthday party is in two weekends and is going to be a big bash. All the family and friends who have loved on him so much the last year and invited! I will be posting pictures after the party! :)


This is my Little lion! He was so cute in his costume. There are not a tone of pictures with his "mane" on because he was not too fond of it. But the ones we got are very cute!
I loved the tail!

We had a very fun Halloween night. We decided to have family and a few close friends over for a cookout. My dad and Judy came, Amanda and Randy (Andrew's parents'), Jill, Ellie Jane and Chad, and Joanne and Landon. (Ellie Jane was a pumpkin and Landon was a character from Gabba Gabba!) Then some of our friends that are like family came as well. Trent, Ashley and Ryan! It was a night full of LOTS of food and laughter. Wyatt also took his first step that night and everyone was watching. I will never forget it!

The picture above was about 8:30. He was exhausted from all the food, friends, and pictures and so ready for bed! Wyatt had a good FIRST Halloween! :)