Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hunting, Fishing, A Bear, A Moose and Baby Wyatt!

Entering Wyatt's Room! Andrew got creative and made this little door hanger. It goes with the outdoors theme and is really cute on the outside of the door! We also used old fishing poles as our curtain rods. It brings the room together, AND it was cheap. We only had to spend money on the curtains! It is probably one of my favorite things in the room. It is the little things that matter to me! ;)
It is perfect that we were able to have a guest bed in the babies room. I think it will come in handy! I found the sheets with bear paw prints on them and fell in love. Andrew ordered all the signs off the internet, and also found the cute little fan pulls. If you look close you can see that one is a bear and the other is a moose!

We bought and painted the letters for his name. At one of the baby stores we went to they had great letters that matched the room perfectly. But in the end, since we did it our selves, we saved close to $50, and I think they look just as good! The bedding was made by a lady in Canton, and the fish net hanging on the bed was bought at one of our new favorite children's stores called, The Wooden Swing!

The Rocking corner! Isn't the moose lamp precious?!!!

The bear rug was a great find too! NO... it is not or was not a REAL animal!!! It is like a stuffed animal and it is soo soft! I am sure Wyatt will love to lay on it!

I wanted to give everyone a little glimpse of Baby Wyatt's room! We have worked really hard on it, especially my sweet husband! Every night he is rearranging or adding something new. There are still a few things we need to get to make it perfect,(like a baby boy) but it is pretty close! ;) Hope you like it as much as we do! We would love for you to see it in person!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wyatt's 1st Shower!

5 of my closest friends threw me one amazing shower! They put so much time and energy into making it perfect. I truly love all of these ladies. I was so blessed with the wonderful company of so many friends, even friends from out of town came in. The Lord has surrounded Andrew and I with people who love us. Thank you so much everyone! Below are a few pictures of the shower. Christine got a little carried away with the pictures and it would take FOREVER to put up all the pictures of each gift!! ;) So I picked a few. Again, thank you so much Jen, Rebecca, Kari, Christine, and Alicia for all you did for us. Baby Wyatt will be here soo soon!We love you guys!
Just in case he gets here early! We have to be prepared!

Are these not the sweetest burp rags!? I love them!

Deighton and Ashley!

Sweet Rebecca.... I adore her!

Me and Jen!

Christine was telling Wyatt a secret! I love her soo much! One of my very very best friends!
Andrew and I can not wait to meet you little guy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ellie Jane... 6 pounds 2 ounces... 9-22-08

She is so cute! Landon already wants to love on her! I cannot wait until Wyatt is added to the picture!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Monday!!!! YAH!

Ellie Jane Cummings will be here on Monday! They are going to induce Monday morning. Pray that everything goes smoothly with the delivery and that Jill and Ellie both get through it with ease! I will post pictures as soon as she gets here! ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Sweet Sister!

This is my sister Jill. She is so beautiful! Jill is pregnant with my first niece and her first baby, Ellie Jane! I can not wait to have a little girl to hold and love. Ellie is due 4 weeks before Wyatt is supposed to arrive. I know they are going to be best friends because their moms' are! One boy and one girl to play with! Our 18 month old nephew Landon is getting the best of both worlds!

Pray for Jill this week. She went into the doctor and they put her on bed rest. Her blood pressure was through the roof! Not healthy for her at all. I know that bed rest is going to be difficult for her, so pray that the Lord allows her comfort in this time of LOTS of rest. If her blood pressure does not go down this week they are thinking about inducing by Friday! That means; that Ellie Jane will be here soo soon. Jill and her husband Chad are so excited, but were expecting a few more weeks. Obviously the Lord's plan is so much better than ours!

I know everything will be great, just keep her in your thoughts! We want her to enjoy this time and Ellie to be a healthy baby girl!

I can not wait to dress her in pink with big bows in her hair!!! Andrew and I already love you so much Ellie, and we can not wait to meet you! Hold out a FEW more days for your mom! ;)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


5th period! For most people, that would not make any sense, but to me it is the hardest part of my day. This class is full of 23 boys... NO girls! These are not just regular boys either. Boy o' Boy these are not regular boys!

Let me explain. This class is full of a group of young 8th grade boys who love attention. They will do anything to be the funniest person in the classroom. When it comes to work, they can not seem to do anything on their own. When it comes to anything we do, they want me standing next to their desk, ignoring everyone around and only focusing on helping them. They strive to be the one who spends the MOST time with me by their desk. These boys also struggle in the classroom in a variety of ways. I am constantly teaching the same material in 10 diffrent ways to diffrent boys. It is a challenge, but bring on the challenge, it only makes me a better teacher.

Girls and boys in a classroom setting are definitely a good mix. They seem to balance out each other fairly well. 8th grade boys together and no girls, lets just say can become a huge stress or tons of entertainment in the middle of the day.

Here are some examples of things that can happen in a classroom full of only 8th grade boys on a daily basis:

1. Relieving of gas from their bodies.... not on accident, but to see who can be the loudest and the smelliest.
2. Your mama jokes....
3. Voice changes and then lots of laughter...
4. LOTS of butts and boxers showing as they walk around the classroom. My favorite phrase, said about 100 times a day... " Pull up your pants, I am tired of seeing your butt!!"
5. Punching, hitting, GRABBING... all I am going to say! (I just do not get it!)
6. Pick up lines! For example: "Miss, does your body hurt?" ... "No, Why?" ... "Because you look like you just feel from heaven!"
7. Blunt comments.... "Please can I have your number!" ... "How much do you weight?" .... "How did you get pregnant Miss?" ....
8. Sports talk.
9. Talk about women..... who is hot, who is not... and my favorite, discussion on whether or not they are a butt or breasts man. Neat huh?
10. The desire for attention!!!

Those are just a few things I deal with on a regular basis. Obviously I try to keep many of the topics and content matter of their conversations to a minimal. But boys will be boys! I guess the Lord is just preparing me for my little boy coming. I grew up with girls so many of these things were foreign to me.

Although I do struggle with that class, they are the most entertaining, and I bring home the most exciting stories for Andrew to hear! They do make me smile regularly. I also love the ability to show them that someone cares. They seem to connect to me because I allow them to be themselves in my classroom... as long as they are appropriate.

All I can say is that by the time Wyatt arrives, I am going to know how to handle him at the age of 13 because I already have 23, 13 year old boys of my own. Good practice! ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day Off...

Today is Labor Day and all I can say is that it is my Best Friend! ;) Hope everyone has a blessed day off!!!