Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jesus, Wyatt and Coffee...

Mornings in the Crawford household are my favorite! I am normally not the best morning person. I want to be left alone, not to talk to anyone or be nice to anyone until I am awake. But being a mom has changed that... I did not have much of a choice I guess! ;)

Early in the morning after Wyatt's feeding, normally between 6:00 -7:00 a.m. he is wide awake and wants me to hold him. I could stare at him all day. He loves to lay in my lap and look around while I listen to all the sweet baby noises he makes. He is perfect. He is content and I am content with him in my arms.

I have always dreamed of times like this, but never did I imagine that I would desire and cherish them so much. During this time I do not want to be any where else in the world but holding my sweet little boy. I never knew I could love like this before, in this way... a motherly love.

So this leads me into my time with the Lord, or shall I say OUR time with the Lord. During this hour, Wyatt and I spend time with Jesus. We start off with a prayer and then I read him God's Word. His first book is Jeremiah, for I wanted him to know the book of the bible he was named from. He loves to hear me read. Not a noise is made from his little mouth. He just sits and stares at me, almost as if he is soaking in everything that God has given, and I pray he is. I love reading God's Word over him. Wyatt just stares at me with his big eyes as if to say, "Mom, I want more of whatever that is!"

Andrew and I have prayed that Wyatt will one day love the Lord as much as we do... or more. I hope to instill in him how important the Word is in his life. There is such an innocence and with all of my heart I pray he sees that God is the only way for his life. I pray that he wakes up 10 years, 20 years, or 50 years from now still wanting me to read the word over him, or wanting to dig into God's Word himself. I pray he grasps the Love of Jesus early in life because Andrew and I have shown him that love the best way we can.

I look into those big blue eyes at the end of every morning and my heart melts. I now have a small understanding, more than I ever had before of the love Jesus has for us as his children. I know my love does not even compare, but having Wyatt has given me a small glimpse and I cherish this glimpse with all of my being.

At the end of our time, I sing to him. Sometimes a few praise songs, sometimes old songs like "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE", but I always end it with a song my mom made up and sang to me every night before bed. It is so simple, but is full of the joy my mother brought me and I hope to bring that same joy to Wyatt.
"Sweetie pie, Sweetie pie, Wyatt is my Sweetie Pie!"
I can still hear her singing it to me this very day. This is when he closes his sweet eyes and I rock him in my arms to sleep for his morning nap; thanking Jesus for this precious gift that we are so blessed to call our own.

I am so lucky to sit on the couch, reading God's word, sipping coffee, and holding my precious gift every morning. I pray that Wyatt is filled with the love of the Lord everyday and that he learns to love Jesus as much as his Daddy and I do. I could not ask for more.

Christmas Season

I love Christmas time! This was Wyatt's first Christmas party at Andrew's office! He is the cutest little guy in his sweater vest. He also got his first picture taken with Santa! We can not wait to have our first Christmas morning with out little guy. I love traditions and we are going to start our own. It is such a neat feeling to have our own family! I will have plenty to post after the next two weeks!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome Wyatt Jeremiah Crawford!

Getting ready to go home for the first time!
First car ride!

Out like a light!

GOBBLE GOBBLE.... Happy Turkey Day!

Our little Aggie... brainwashing him early! ;)

Our little boy was born on 11-18-08 at 9:33 p.m. in the evening! He was a stubborn little guy and labor was long, but definitely worth the wait! He weighed 8 pounds and was 21 inches long! It has been a little over a week and he is already changing so much. I love the little grunts and noises he makes whether he is asleep or awake. His personality is already starting to show. We are so blessed with a great baby. Enjoy the pictures.... we will be posting more as the days come!
We know he is going to change soo much, but who do you think he looks like now, Me or Andrew?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins!

Andrew free handed his pumpkin with a little Aggie Pride! I used a stencil! Too bad a squirrel ate his pumpkin yesterday and messed up the design! Stinking' squirrel!!! One more thing... my husband is so handsome! He really is the best!!! (I am a little biased!) ;)
They already love Baby Wyatt!!!

These girls have been my best friends since HIGH SCHOOL! I love these ladies more than words can say!

We had a pumpkin carving night with some of our best friends! We got to put out the fire pit, cook hamburgers, eat smores and sit outside in the cool weather. It was such a fun night!

We also asked Nick and Rebecca Bazaldua to be Wyatt's Godparents! We are so excited they accepted! They will be such great prayer warriors for our little guy and will love him unconditionally! We are all so excited for his arrival! :) Here are a few pictures from the fun pumpkin carving party we had!

LOVING FALL at the Arboretum

These are the "Gesino" siblings, minus Ricky who is still away at school! I love fall, all the colors, the weather and the yummy food. Sunday we went to the festival at the Arboretum in Dallas. Everything was so pretty! Landon and his Uncle Drew had a blast playing in the hay and fountains, and we all had so much fun just being together! A great way to start out the FALL!
Landon kept yelling "BALL, BALL" from his stroller. He thought he was in heaven with all the pumpkins around. One of his favorite things in the whole world is a ball. You could give him any ball and he would be content for hours. Too bad most of the pumpkins were to big for him to carry or throw... but that did not stop him from trying. He also loved the HAY! Little did we know that all we need to give this 20 month old is a ball and some hay and he is good to go!

Ellie Jane is the cutest pumpkin ever! She pretty much slept through the whole day, but it was fun posing her in all the pumpkins!

I sure do LOVE my husband to pieces, and so does Landon. With out his Uncle Drew there he would not have been able to run around all over the place. Andrew was able to chase him around and catch him before he did something crazy! I know Andrew does not look happy in the picture, but I assure you he was. I snapped it before he could react... it was right after he caught Landon for the 2oth time!

My Sisters!!! I can not believe there are two babies and one more will be here in 3 weeks! So excited to be able to share this with them! My mom would be so happy! I am sure she his watching us from Heaven with a big smile.

They LOVE their AUNT JODI!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Get on the floor and do the NEW KIDS DANCE!"

That's right people! We went to the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT! It was so fun! We all felt like a bunch of giddy little girls again! Such a great feeling. They actually did a great job! They played all their old stuff and even did the same dances. It was more fun than I have had in a long time!
The group!!!

Deighton, Me and Kendel eating before the concert!

Sweet Friend....

Kathryn, Tana, Ashlee, Me and Christy eating before the concert!

Deighton is one of my favorite people!

They can still shake it! ;)

We were resting before the concert started. The opening act was on. We HAD to save our energy for the BEST PART!

Ashley and I could not contain our excitement! BUT..... we did manage to control ourselves more than some people there. One lady took her bra off and threw it at the boys on stage. We love our NKOTB, but not that much! ha ha

A little smoke action....

"OOOh... OOOh... OOOh... OOOh...OOOh... HANG IN THOUGH!" I totally would have gotten on the floor and did the "New Kids Dance" with them, but my 8 month pregnant body would not really allow that! ha ;)

Only at a NKOTB Concert can women go potty in the men's restroom. Shows you how many guys were there! Kendel and I had to take the opportunity to take a picture next to the urinal! We do not get the photo opt very often. I did feel sorry for the few men that were dragged their by their crazy wives. I guess they just had to hold it....
It was such a fun night! With some of the best girls. Little Wyatt is going to be thrilled when he knows that he got the privilege of attending such a great concert, even thought his daddy thinks it is silly! Our next stop is VANILLA ICE, MC HAMMER, RUN-DMC... or maybe BOYS TO MEN we need to get one of them to come back!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Church, School, and Family Shower....

Church Shower!


I love the Language Arts Department at School!
Family Shower.....
The bag Andrew will carry when he has Wyatt! He did not like my cute diaper bag! This is his "Daddy DUDE BAG!"

Just a few of my favorite things at the 3 showers I was given! I had so many more pictures but I only thought I would share a few! Thank you so much to everyone for all the gifts we were given. Andrew and I are truly blessed! We love ALL our friends and family so much!

Monday, October 13, 2008

8 Months Down and 4 weeks to go!

Wyatt will be here sooner than we know! 4 more weeks. My body is just now starting to feel the impact of him growing inside. I do not think my tummy can stretch anymore! School has been a little overwhelming, and by the end of the day I am WORN out! My emotions have been a little crazy too. Andrew has been amazing dealing with my crying spells. So weird how I can shed a tear at the drop of a hat. Hopefully it will get better soon. Say a little pray for me these next 4 weeks, I could totally use them!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hunting, Fishing, A Bear, A Moose and Baby Wyatt!

Entering Wyatt's Room! Andrew got creative and made this little door hanger. It goes with the outdoors theme and is really cute on the outside of the door! We also used old fishing poles as our curtain rods. It brings the room together, AND it was cheap. We only had to spend money on the curtains! It is probably one of my favorite things in the room. It is the little things that matter to me! ;)
It is perfect that we were able to have a guest bed in the babies room. I think it will come in handy! I found the sheets with bear paw prints on them and fell in love. Andrew ordered all the signs off the internet, and also found the cute little fan pulls. If you look close you can see that one is a bear and the other is a moose!

We bought and painted the letters for his name. At one of the baby stores we went to they had great letters that matched the room perfectly. But in the end, since we did it our selves, we saved close to $50, and I think they look just as good! The bedding was made by a lady in Canton, and the fish net hanging on the bed was bought at one of our new favorite children's stores called, The Wooden Swing!

The Rocking corner! Isn't the moose lamp precious?!!!

The bear rug was a great find too! NO... it is not or was not a REAL animal!!! It is like a stuffed animal and it is soo soft! I am sure Wyatt will love to lay on it!

I wanted to give everyone a little glimpse of Baby Wyatt's room! We have worked really hard on it, especially my sweet husband! Every night he is rearranging or adding something new. There are still a few things we need to get to make it perfect,(like a baby boy) but it is pretty close! ;) Hope you like it as much as we do! We would love for you to see it in person!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wyatt's 1st Shower!

5 of my closest friends threw me one amazing shower! They put so much time and energy into making it perfect. I truly love all of these ladies. I was so blessed with the wonderful company of so many friends, even friends from out of town came in. The Lord has surrounded Andrew and I with people who love us. Thank you so much everyone! Below are a few pictures of the shower. Christine got a little carried away with the pictures and it would take FOREVER to put up all the pictures of each gift!! ;) So I picked a few. Again, thank you so much Jen, Rebecca, Kari, Christine, and Alicia for all you did for us. Baby Wyatt will be here soo soon!We love you guys!
Just in case he gets here early! We have to be prepared!

Are these not the sweetest burp rags!? I love them!

Deighton and Ashley!

Sweet Rebecca.... I adore her!

Me and Jen!

Christine was telling Wyatt a secret! I love her soo much! One of my very very best friends!
Andrew and I can not wait to meet you little guy!