Thursday, May 12, 2011


So much to update on! My birthday was last month and it was amazing! There were great dinners and many surprises. I will have to update that soon. That will be another post in itself, once I get all the pictures uploaded.

But today it is onto another topic that has struck the Crawford household.

On Tuesday morning I woke up feeling great, the only weird thing I noticed was when I was brushing my teeth, the left side of my tounge felt weird. It was nothing to alarming so I just blew it off and went about my day.

As Tuesday progressed, the left side of my head began hurting very badly. It was like a migrain head ache, but only on the left side. I had so much to do at school that I just popped some advil and went about my day. But, my tounge was still bothering me and now the left side of the inside of my mouth was numb. I thought maybe I was allergic to something and sent Dr. Jane (a very close friend and amazing doctor) a text. She told me to let her know if any other symptoms occured.

Wednesday morning at 5:00AM my alarm goes off for bootcamp. I could not get out of bed. My headache on the left side was so bad - so I stayed in bed until it was time to get ready for school. When I went to the bathroom that is why I starting freaking out. My left eye was not blinking correctly and when I tried to brush my teeth, the left side of my mouth would not form to spit. Then I tried to smile - and that is when I LOST it. Tears flowing everywhere. My smile was only on the right.

I called Andrew into the room and showed him what was going on. He didn't even know what to say, but "Call Jane." I left her a message and tried to continue getting ready for school.

To make a long story short, the nurse at school sent me home before the 8:30am bell even rang. I was a mess. Anytime someone would stop me in the hall I would loose it. I was just really scared.

I got into the doctor at 9:15am and my best friend Christy went with me so I would not have to be alone. Turns out I have Bells Palsy. Work has been very stressful latley and it obvioulsy caused my immune system to be shot. She said it is virual and they began treating aggresivly with steroids so hopefully it will not get worse before better.

I am thankful that I caught it early and so thankful for all my sweet family and friends who helped me through and checked on me throughout the day yesterday. It was deffinitly a crazy rollercoaster ride. I am very happy that it is nothing 'serious.'

I'll keep you posted on the changes of my face!!! Stay tuned for some more up-beat posts soon! :)

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